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In 1970, Dave Schultze began his career with a large international accounting and consulting firm in the Bay Area. By the time Dave left the firm in 1977, as a member of management, he had been involved with overseeing all aspects of audit engagements for publicly-held regional, national and international companies and interacting with the top management of those companies.

After leaving the firm, Dave obtained State of California licenses as a general engineering contractor and general building contractor. For the next several years, Dave was involved in the planning, construction and sale of speculative custom homes in the Sacramento region. This lasted until 1980 when high interest rates effectively shutdown the housing market.

In 1980, while going through a divorce, Dave had his first experience testifying in court about the community's business and its assets. Dave's attorney had retained an expert on his behalf to also testify about the business. After the matter concluded, the expert asked Dave if he would be interested in learning the business and becoming an expert.

This so intrigued Dave that he agreed to become a member of his firm. Dave worked for the firm from mid-1980 until the Spring of 1984 when he founded his own forensic valuation and litigation support firm.

Since 1984, Dave has been an expert in hundreds of cases throughout California and Nevada. Most matters that Dave has been retained on are in the context of family law litigation. However, at times, Dave accepts assignments as an expert in bankruptcy, civil litigation, and insurance, shareholder and lost income disputes.

Dave is a frequent speaker on a broad range of topics and issues unique to family law litigation. Additionally, Dave, in association with Stephen Wagner, attorney-at-law, is co-founder of "How To...Continuing Ed," which authors and presents seminars on issues that arise in family law litigation.


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