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Business valuations, forecasting of damages, financial, spousal support/lifestyle matters, certain tax matters, tracings and special accountings.

Mr. Schultze is qualified as an expert in the Superior Courts of 27 counties in Northern and Southern California and in Federal bankruptcy court.


1980 to Present

Business Valuations

Performs business valuations in the retail, wholesale, construction and manufacturing industries as well as for professional and service enterprises. Appraisals are performed for various reasons including sale, marital dissolution, partnership or corporate dissolution, forecasting of damages for civil litigation, condemnation, and other civil litigation.

Special Accountings and Forecasting of Damages

Performs special accountings related to: 1) tracing separate versus community property; 2) misappropriation of funds; 3) Sullivan issues; 4) Epstein credits; 5) unreported income; 6) accounting disputes on contracts; and 7) construction cost overruns. Damages have been forecasted as to loss of income due to a business interruption, loss of a franchise, and loss of business contract.

Spousal Support/Lifestyle Matters

Verification of Income and Expense Declarations as to reported cash flow, income taxes and expenses. This process entails calculating income taxes based on various levels of spousal support to ascertain the true net income available for payment of spousal support as well as the true net income of the recipient.

Performs numerous lifestyle analyses to determine the spending patterns of petitioners and respondents in marital dissolution cases.


Is retained to review the work product of other experts, prepare questions for deposition and attend depositions; also is present in court to hear opposing testimony and assist attorney in cross-examination of witnesses.

Acts as a consultant on business appraisals and business matters such as contracts, special accountings, reorganization plans, and business development. In addition, he has been retained as a consultant by other experts in the State of California.


Real Estate Developer

Oversaw the construction of residential property, including: 1) site selection; 2) selecting architects and overseeing the design of the project; 3) obtaining bids and all necessary permits and approvals; 4) banking relationships; 5) coordinating and scheduling of subcontractors; and 6) supervising construction to its completion.


Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.

As a member of staff and management was involved in audits, management consulting, S-1 registration, SEC reporting, bank compliance reports, and tax matters for companies in the heavy construction, over-the-road-transportation, electronic manufacturing, medical, chemical solvents, and retail grocery industries. In addition, public sector experience included school districts and both city and county governmental entities.


California State University, San Francisco, B.A., 1970
Degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting


  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV)
  • Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF)
  • Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)
  • General Engineering & General Building Contractor's Licenses — Inactive


  • Candidate Member, American Society of Appraisers
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • California Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts
  • Past Member of The Editorial Board of Family Law News, a publication of the California State Bar, Family Law Division
  • Past Chairman of the Litigation Committee, California Society of CPA's, Sacramento Chapter
  • Past member of the State Litigation Committee, California Society of CPA's


  • Contributor and Co-Author of Family Law Business Valuations: Mechanics of a Business Valuation, Vol. H, Complex Issues in California Family Law, published by LexisNexis


  1. "How To... : Appraise Professional Practices and Small Businesses — A Beginning Course"
  2. "How To...: Appraise Professional Practices and Small Businesses — An Advanced Course"
  3. "How To...: Appraise Small & Medium Sized Businesses"
  4. "How To...: Determine the Community's Interest in a Separate Property Business: Pereira/Van Camp Apportionment in Family Law Cases"
  5. "How To...: Uncommingle Commingled Funds in a Family Law Proceeding — A Beginning Tracing Course"
  6. "How To...: Uncommingle Commingled Funds in a Family Law Proceeding — An Advanced Tracing Course"
  7. "How To...: Comply with CC4800.10 in Disclosing All Material Facts and Information in Family Law Cases"
  8. "How To...: Understand & Utilize Inter-Spousal Duties in Family Law Cases"
  9. "How To...: Analyze & Understand Tax Returns & Financial Statements in Family Law Cases"
  10. "How To...: Successfully Practice Family Law and Make Money"
  11. "How To...:Correctly Analyze Child and Spousal Support"


A partial listing of continuing education includes attending the following seminars and conferences:

Specialized Industries

  • Wine Industry Conference
  • Equity Research and Valuation Techniques — AIMR Conference
  • Hedge Fund Management — AIMR Conference
  • Calculating and Proving Damages in Personal Injury Cases
  • Global Investment Reporting Standards (CFA Institute)
  • Asset Allocation - Alpha and Beta Investment Strategies (CFA Institute)
  • 60th Annual CFA Institute's Conference

Business Valuation

  • American Society of Appraisers
  • National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts
  • AICPA/ASA National Business Valuation Conferences
  • Joint ASA/CICBV Conference "Business Valuation in a Changing International Environment"
  • Problems of Closely-Held Corporations
  • Fundamentals of Acquiring or Selling Mid-Market Companies
  • Buying and Selling a Business
  • Valuing Physician and Dental Practices
  • Financial Forecasting Concepts and Techniques


  • Advanced 1040 Tax Problems
  • Tax Consequences of Divorce (annual seminar)
  • Subchapter S-corporations
  • Estate Planning Seminar
  • Tax Law Changes
  • Advanced Tax Problems of Marital Dissolutions
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts


  • CFLR — Child and Spousal Support
  • Spousal and Child Support Proceedings


  • George Norton Family Law Seminars
  • CFLR Annual Two-Day Seminars; CFLR Advanced Family Law Seminars
  • Attorney's Briefcase CA Family Law Seminars
  • 11th Annual Divorce Law Update presented by the Law Education Institute
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy
  • Appraisal of Real Property
  • How To Be Your Own Economist
  • Law Trek: The Family Frontier
  • Family Law Development and Strategies Program


For "George Norton" Family Law Seminars:

  • Valuations of Professional Practices
  • Complex Valuations and Tax Issues that Arise in Business Valuations
  • Complex Separate vs. Community Property Tracings
  • Expert Witness Demonstration

For Northern and/or Southern California American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers:

  • Valuations of Closely-Held Businesses
  • Transmutations
  • Moore-Marsden and Beyond
  • Separate vs. Community Property Tracings
  • Disclosure Requirements Under 4800.10
  • The Goodwill Nebulae: Searching for Neutrinos, Avoiding Black Holes and Boldly Going Where No Court Has Gone Before
  • Taking Care of Business: The Intersection of Family Law and Business Issues

For Bar Associations and Family Law Specialist Groups:

  • California State Bar, Family Law Div: Hands-on Tracings in Family Law Cases
  • Family Law Specialist, Sacramento and San Francisco Chapters: Valuation of Closely-Held Businesses
  • Family Law Specialist, Sacramento and San Francisco Chapters: Spousal and Child Support Issues
  • Family Law Specialist, Sacramento: Performing a Lifestyle Analysis
  • San Diego Chapter of the Family Law Association, "How To...Analyze and Understand Tax Returns and Financial Statements in Family Law Cases"
  • Florida State Bar: Use of Tax Returns and Tracing Course
  • Continuing Education of the Bar: Valuing Assets in a Marital Dissolution
  • Judicial Council of California: Goodwill Symposium
  • American Bar Association, CLE Conference, Vancouver, BC, - "Interpreting the 1040 Tax Return, Part I"
  • Sacramento County Bar Association, Family Law Section, Tax Course re "Personal Tax Returns"
  • California State Bar, Family Law Division: Analyzing Personal, Partnership, Corporate and Trust Tax Returns
  • Sacramento County Bar Association, Family Law Section, March, 2002, "Partnerships and S-Corporations - Determining Net Disposable Income for Support Purposes"
  • Sacramento County Bar Association, Family Law Section, February, 2003, "Real Estate Apportionment"

For California CPA Foundation & National Business Institute:

  • Appraisals of Businesses
  • Separate vs. Community Property Tracings
  • Disclosure Requirements Under 4800.10
  • Business Valuations and Other Marital Dissolution
  • Financial Issues

Other Associations and Universities

  • International Right-of-Way Association - Chapter 5, Regional Seminar: Business Valuations in regard to Condemnation Proceedings
  • Law School at University of California, Davis: Valuation of Closely-Held Businesses
  • McGeorge Law School, University of Pacific: Valuations of Closely-Held Businesses
  • University of California, Davis: Valuing Businesses in a Leveraged Buy-Out
  • McGeorge Law School, University of Pacific: Child and Spousal Support Issues
  • California Society of CPA's, Sacramento Chapter's Litigation Committee: Separate vs. Community Property Tracings
  • Sacramento Chapter of the National Association of Accountants: Forensic Accounting
  • Sacramento Chapter of Estate Planners: Business Valuations for Estate and Gift Purposes
  • American Society of Women Accountants, Sacramento Chapter: Valuation of Closely-Held Businesses


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